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A partnership with T.E.K. CC, Inc. provides you with much more than a trusted marketing advisor.

Your company will be joining a movement that will transform the lives of many children across America. We dream big. Our goal is to start a movement that will create a solid support system for children going through serious illnesses and unfortunate life circumstances. No child should feel like their story does not matter. We believe in giving back and giving hope. We want to involve whole communities, from the youngest to the oldest, in transforming a child’s unfortunate circumstance and creating a long lasting positive change for their future.

How It Started
T.E.K. Foundation CC, Inc. started when Eric Erdman, age 16, was diagnosed an Anaplastic Grade III Ependymoma. The foundation grew and flourished with the support and love the local community has shown Eric and his family after the diagnose. Local businesses held fundraisers and Eric’s high school designed a T-shirt saying “No one fights alone” that students wore to football games. The support helped Eric see the positive in a situation many would deem hopeless, and find the courage to share his story. Since then he has helped and inspired others, and we hope to continue this work in other communities in America.

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body. Therefore, one of the initiatives Eric and the T.E.K Foundation CC are working towards is refurbishing the weight room in Eric’s high school, in his hometown of Millersburg. The goal is to create an environment where children and teens can strengthen their bodies and minds, and take a break from their everyday lives. Together with Make A Wish Foundation, Eric and his team at T.E.K Foundation CC are hoping to start the renovations very soon.

Future Goals
The story of Eric shows that amazing things happen when people and communities come together. Now we want to help other communities do the same. By partnering with local non-profit organizations, we want to get the stories of other kids out there and show how their communities can help them. Every few months we are planning to feature one child’s story and raise money to help them overcome illnesses they are battling. We hope that these stories, together with Eric’s, will inspire other children to speak up and discover their voice.

Lastly, a small portion of the contributions will be going towards helping Eric on his journey towards beating cancer. Eric’s is passionate about all that T.E.K Foundation CC does and gets involved as much as his health is allowing him. His goal is to help and inspire as many children as possible.
We are proud of the work T.E.K Foundation CC is doing already and want to make this happen in other communities across America. Join us and many non-profit organizations across America, which are already doing an amazing job of helping children.
Together we can create a positive change.

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Join the movement to empower children all across America to find their voice.

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Our children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future.

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