Too often, we hear stories about children suffering and we don’t hear about the times when the community helps a child find their voice.

However, like Millersburg, PA, other towns across the U.S. have responded to children in need of help. T.E.K. Foundation CC, Inc. will be telling inspiring stories happening in our community and in other communities across America to encourage more communities to react to children’s needs with kindness and support.

In the generations to come, what are the stories our children will share? Those stories will shape and impact future generations.

We want to hear from you and get to know you! We invite you to share your stories with us so that Eric may share them on his blog.

A call for stories

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”
–Howard Zinn
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